The Machine Keeps Processing the Same File

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This article applies to:

D1 and D1 Pro with all laser modules.


Issue Description

When you send a new file to engrave or cut, sometime the machine still process the last file you sent. If so, this is most likely an issue with the TF card. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot.


#1 Check the TF Card 

  1. Unplug and re-plug the card and restart the machine. This will reset the card.
  2. See if the machine can process the new file now. If not, move on.


#2 Check the TF Card Specs

Since the machine has certain requirements for what kind of TF cards it accepts,

  1. Make sure the max storage doesn't exceed 32G,
  2. Make sure the TF card is formatted to FAT32.

Tips: If you do not have the right TF card at the moment for the Wi-Fi connection mode, use the USB connection mode instead, which doesn't require a TF card.


If None of the Above Works

If you have followed the instructions above and the issue is still not resolved, please read the article in the link below, collect the troubleshooting steps you have taken, and contact xTool tech support for further advice.


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