Mac OS Updating D1/D1 Pro Firmware via IP Connection when Device not Recognized in XCS

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Video of the full process:

This is to address the problem where your D1/D1 Pro is connected via USB to your Mac but not recognized by XCS and labeled as "unknown" in the Device list.



1. Software needed

Search and download "WCHSerialPort" in App Store.1280X1280.JPEG

2. Serial port tool instructions

M2001 "xxx1" "xxx2"\n ------>used to configure WiFi,xxx1 being the name of the WiFi; xxx2 being the password of the WiFi
e.g. M2001 "Maker-office" "hulurobot423"\n

3. Instructions

(1) Check the name of the WiFi your computer is connected with.1280X1280__15_.PNG
(2). Connect to the same WiFi using the Serial port tool, and send M2001 "xxx1" "xxx2"\n
a. Select the correct SerialName.
b. Select the correct BaudRate.
c. Select CRLF(\r\n) and tickle "AddTail". Click "Send" and an IP will show up in the window area. (e.g. download.png

3. Launch XCS, Connect Device, select IP and enter the IP address of the device.image__6_.png

4. Click Connect.1280X1280__14_.PNG

5. Upgrade firmware.

Once the device is connected, click Settings, and click "Check for updates".1280X1280__16_.PNG

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