How to Upgrade xTool D1 Pro Firmware?

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Upgrade the Firmware for D1 and D1 Pro

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  • New owner of a D1 Pro. I have a technical background. Method One failed on a PC and a MAC, no network issues, tried 3 different home networks, switch in the open position. Failed with an error of " Checking for updates failed. Please check network. Same error with updating XCS. 

    So on to Method 3, Downloaded the Upgrade tool for windows with the link provided above. Found the newest bin on the same google drive link, released in November, the latest is not posted. Failed on the 1st attempt, with the following error "PermissionError(13, 'Access is denied.', None, 5)" Reason was I had the XCS application open looking at the version number. Make sure to close the application 1st. Leave the com port set to default windows setting and it worked like a charm. May want to add this to the support article and update the google drive repository with latest .bin files. Also have a list of the latest versions of the application and bins posted somewhere. Phone support did not know the versions. 

    In regard to Method One I've also resolved it as well. For those behind a IPS or corporate firewall make sure China is not blocked from a Reputation or GEO policy. Both firmware and XCS updates worked after the policy was removed.  Firmware version as of Jan 30th 2023 V40.31.005.01 B7


  • Greetings
    Five days ago my xTOOL D1 Pro arrived, and before turning it on, I inserted the TF Card with the file xTool-D1ProV3.lbdev, and did all the necessary procedure.
    I would therefore like to know if it is necessary to Upgrade this Firmware. Thank you

  • @Daniel Fernandes the xTool-D1ProV3.lbdev file is for Using LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro

    and it's advised to upgrade the latest D1 Pro firmware

  • Upgrading firmware with D! Pro is NOT user friendly. 1. IF it needs to be through USB only don't have WIFI capabilities or have the firmware be able to be upgraded through WIFI. 2. Having User friendly upgraded software for the extension would be nice. Per my very extensive research the only solution I have found for possible limit issues with the extensions is to upgrade firmware through cxs. I have spent hours going through loops of trying to get this to work. At this point I regret getting the extensions when it comes to the software and attempting to upgrade, and I am actually pretty computer savvy and this has be a very frustrating waist of time, and I still don't have it done.

  • Lori Drzewiecki Hello Lori, sorry for the trouble! A ticket has been created for the issue and one of our agents will get back to you soon via email. Appreciate your patience and have a nice day!

  • About what I wrote above, about the xTool-D1ProV3.lbdev file, actually, I got confused.
    But, I am in doubt about the TF Card, because it is empty. Is it necessary to load anything on the card? For now, I only use USB, I don't use Wireless. Thanks

  • If you are having trouble updating your firmware on the D1pro as I was. Try connecting the xtool machine to wifi, it will then tell you to disconnect the usb and try running it wirelessly which I did and then it was able to update the firmware really quick. I'm not sure why the usb cord didn't work but I was desperate to try anything. 

  • This was a nightmare. Wouldn’t connect to my wireless network. Wouldn’t update firmware. Spent longer messing with that than putting the whole thing together. I eventually got it to connect to Wi-Fi then firmware loaded no problem. I’m using Mac and I could see people were having problems. Not much longer and I would have forgot the whole thing n sent it back. Who needs that crap straight out of the box. Come on xTool. Sort yourselves out. Hope everything else goes better than this.


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