xTool D1 Engraving & Cutting Parameters for Reference

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  • Are these settings also applicable to the M1 (10w)?

    I know you have a separate page with materials settings for the M1 but it's very basic at the moment.

  • im new at this and im wondering if there is some way to color the images that were etched

  • Is there a materials parameters reference for the 20w?

  • We could really use those 20w parameters if possible.

  • Is there a materials parameters reference for the 20w D1.  (Not the pro)

  • As long as the D1 with the 20W upgrade has been available, I would have expected you to have already released the materials parameters reference for it. All of your live presentations talk about how much faster it is, but no one takes the time to recommend the settings to use in order to justify this $600 replacement.


  • Please can you purpose for 20w. Thank you.

  • please create a 20w materials version since I just bought the D1 Pro which is 20W as soon a possible! 


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