How do I perform cut pressure calibration on xTool M1?

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You can use the cut pressure calibration function on XCS to perform the calibration.

The cut pressure base value of xTool M1 may be changed due to severe vibration and shaking during transportation, causing errors in blade cutting. To solve this problem, XCS provides the cut pressure calibration function, allowing you to perform cut pressure calibration or reset the cut pressure base value to the factory setting.

Tips: If your device cuts materials properly, you don't need to perform cut pressure calibration on it.


  • A computer with XCS installed
  • xTool M1
  • Light-grip cutting mat (blue)
  • blank A4 paper (kraft paper recommended)

Perform cut pressure calibration

1. Connect xTool M1 to XCS

(1) Use the USB cable to connect xTool M1 to the computer.

(2) Power on xTool M1.

(3) Open XCS, click Connect device, and click your xTool M1 in the device list.


2. Start the cut pressure calibration function

(1) Click the settings icon in the upper right corner of XCS.


(2) Choose Setting and click Calibrate on the right of Cut pressure calibration.


The calibration starts.

3. Complete the calibration as prompted

(1) Place the blank A4 paper in the center of the light-grip cutting mate, align the cutting mat with the sides of the baseplate, and place it on the baseplate.


(2) Click Next and press the button on xTool M1 to start processing.


(3) Wait for the processing to complete.


(4) Check the cuts on the material, find out the lightest cut, and click the position corresponding to it on XCS. For example, the lightest cut is in the lower right corner.


The calibration is complete.


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