[Video] Install the Air Assist Set for Different Lasers

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  • Where is the information on M1? I didn't see that in the video. Admittedly, I kept fast-forwarding through what looked like D1 demonstrations, and I suppose it's theoretically possible I missed it, but I think I would have seen it.

  • I have the XTool enclosure.  How do you route and secure the air line and what is the best location for the air assist unit.  Saw the other video with a different enclosure but not the XTool one.  Thx


  • No questions.  The video and your email cleared up the omission of instructions.   You may consider providing this omission to your Product Management group so that clear instructions can be packed in each new Air Assist set.   It would save you and your customers a lot of grief.  

  • Robert Morris Hello Robert, sorry for the trouble! This has been forwarded to our Product Team and should be dealt with accordingly! Thank you for the message and have a nice day!

  • Air assist for M1 is terrible design or explaination, or both!

    1) you remove the dust cover which exposes the greased gear motor in the laser housing. No instructions are given to replace the dust cover or not. It makes sense to replace the dust cover as it holds the magnetic air assist in place better than not replacing it and it keeps the gear motor covered. HOWEVER, when you do so, the angle the air tube is routed, it routes on the opposite side of the engineering to hold the air tube.

    So if you leave the dust cover off and do as the instructions say, you expose the gears in the gear motor!

    AND, the air tube gets stuck in the back of the moving parts and jams with a horrible crunching sound when the laser returns to home

    I've watched numerous videos, read instructions a million times and this is a terrible make shift design flaw which is seemingly simple but confusing to the engineers who designed it.

    Not happy.

  • Hello Will Hayden

    Really appreciate your feedback. Sorry that our content hasn't lived up to your expectations. At xTool, we strive to create high-quality and accessible content for all xToolers, so they can solve the issue with their machines with ease. And with your suggestion, we are one step closer to that goal. We've noted down your suggestions for our team to review. Our support team will get back to you via email. Appreciate your support and suggestion.



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