How to Burn Firmware for M1 with a Micro SD Card?

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How to tell if the firmware is missing?

1. Loose the screws and take off the motherboard protective cover.
2. Switch on M1, and wait for about 20 seconds for the status of the indicator light. If the indicator does not blink, it means the firmware is missing and needs reinstalling.

Tutorial on burning firmware:

1. Preparations:
SD card (256M minimum, needs to format first)*1
SD card reader*1
Long nose tweezers*1
Windows computer (software available only on Windows for now)*1
2. Download the software below and unzip the file to your computer disk root directory.
3. Insert the Micro SD card into your computer with the card reader.
4. Open the unzipped software folder and double-click on the file below to run it.
5. Select the firmware file below and click on "Write".
6. Pull out the Micro SD card from the card reader, and switch off the M1. Insert the Micro SD card into the Micro SD card slot using the tweezers.
(Micro SD card slot is a push structure. Push the Micro SD card in for installation, push again to take it out)
7. With the Micro SD card installed on the motherboard, switch on the M1. M1 will automatically read the firmware file on the Micro SD card and automatically start the installation.
8. It may take 3-5 minutes for the firmware installation to complete. It means successful installation when the blue LED indicator light flashes rapidly.
9. When the installation is done, switch off M1 and take out the Micro SD card with the tweezers. (Please do remember to take out the Micro SD card, or it will repeat the installation process the next time when it turns on.)
10. Switch on the M1, and check if everything functions as it should, including the camera, auto-measure, processing, etc.
Please follow the steps above strictly. If you have any questions or problems during the process, feel free to contact or the dealer you purchased the M1 from.

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