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Why does the air pressure suddenly decrease?

1. Check whether the air inlet hole of the air pump is blocked by debris, if so, please clean it.
2. Check whether there is any debris inside the connectors and if so, please clean it.
3. Check whether the tube is broken, if so, replace the tube.
4. The air pump could be broken.

Why is the nozzle's air outlet easy to get dirty, and does it affect its use?

Processing on certain materials may cause heavy smoke and oil stains, and the nozzle could be contaminated as a result and may affect the working efficiency of the set at a certain point. It is suggested to clean it regularly or when it is necessary using a cotton swab and water.

How do I remove the tube from the Nozzle connector or Air pump connector?

Press down on the ring on the connector, and then pull out the tube.

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  • looking for diaphragm parts for air assist


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