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AC220V / AC110V

Maximum power 220W
Air velocity 18m/s

0.3μm, 99.97%

Sound power


Length of the tube 1.4m



425mm × 250mm × 410mm

Weight 14kg

Assemble xTool Smoke Purifier

Install filters

1. Open the lid of the smoke purifier.


2. Install the HEPA filter, middle filter, and pre-filter in the smoke purifier one by one.


  • HEPA filter – Place it at the bottom of the smoke purifier.
  • Middle filter – Place it right side up into the smoke purifier.
  • Pre-filter – Place it on top of all filters.


3. Put back the lid and lock buckles on both sides.


Install the tube

It is applicable to xTool S1, xTool M1, xTool P2, and xTool Enclosure. You need to prepare a pipe adapter, a pipe clamp, and a screwdriver.

1. Install the pipe adapter on the lid.


2. Fit one end of the tube on the adapter and fix it with the tube clamp.

Fit the other end of the tube on the air outlet of the device. Fix it with the tube clamp.



Install the flange pipe connector and the tube

You need to prepare a smoke purifier and a flange pipe connector.


1. Install the flange pipe connector to the air outlet of the smoke purifier.


2. Twist the flange pipe connector clockwise to the air outlet.


You need to prepare a tube, a tube clamp, and a screwdriver.


3. Install one end of the tube on the flange pipe connector and tighten the tube with a tube clamp.


Use the smoke purifier

Check before using

Check the following steps if the device is connected to a power supply for the first time to ensure safety.

  1. Whether the appearance of the device is damaged.
  2. Whether the filters of the device are placed properly.
  3. Whether the lid and main unit fit properly.
  4. Whether the power switch is turned off.

How to use

  1. Connect the smoke purifier to a power supply, and check whether the power plug is properly connected.
  2. Turn on the power.
  3. Turn the knob clockwise to start the smoke purifier, and set the airflow as required. After processing, turn the knob to shut down the smoke purifier, and then power off the power.

💡 Note: Set the airflow as required. Do not set the airflow too high or low.

If you set the airflow too high, excessive power is consumed and louder noises are made.



Problem 1: Weak airflow and poor suction.

Possible causes:

The inlet gets blocked. / There are foreign matters in the pipes. / One or more filters fail to work after long-term use, which is indicated when the buzzer of the purifier sounds.


1. Replace the filter(s). When the buzzer of the machine sounds, you need to clean or replace the filters for the purifier. You can visit xtool.com to buy the filters you need.

2. Power off the purifier, open the lid, and check whether the inlet is blocked. And then check whether the outlet is choked.


Problem 2: The purifier shuts down automatically after being powered on or restarted.

Possible causes:

The starting current is too large due to poor airflow and high filter resistance inside the purifier. The purifier shuts down automatically when the protection mechanism is triggered.


Turn off the purifier and open its lid to check whether the inlet is blocked. Ensure that the inlet is clear, set the airflow to its minimum, restart the purifier, and then set the airflow as required.

💡 If the problems still remain after you check and fix them, you can contact with xTool team for help.


About the filter replacement

The replaceable filters are applied in the smoke purifier. You need to clean or replace the filters after long-term use to ensure better purification performances.

1. Pre-filter (It is recommended that you replace it in seven to fifteen days.)

Replace the pre-filter when more than 70% of its surface is covered by dust and it can't be cleaned.

2. Middle filter (It is recommended that you replace it in two to three months.)

Clean the middle filter when the dust affects the suction of the smoke purifier. If you can't clean up the dust, replace the middle filter.

3. HEPA filter (It is recommended that you replace it in three to six months.)

If the filter is unable to remove the smoke odor, replace the HEPA filter.






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