xTool Creative Space (XCS) Software

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Official XCS Download Page: https://www.xtool.com/pages/software

(It's recommended to update the latest firmware after installing and connecting to XCS.)

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  • Why won’t my computer see the xTool?

  • Is there any plans for Linux users? Currenly XCS is only available for windows and macOs users. Most developers like myself use different linux distributions instead of paid OS. One comment suggested to run it with Bottles but I have no luck getting it working. I can use LightBurn in ubuntu 22 but then there is no wifi connection so I have to burn stuff right next my computer. A linux version or instructions on how to enable and connect wifi would be great. 

  • Xtool software for D1, the new creative download isn't working with the D1!

  • Laserbox is no longer supported and new software does not work.  

  • How do I copy one.xcs into another .xcs, or bring together two .xcs files?

  • computer wont detect d1 laser


  • Joe Rogers Hello Joe, a ticket has been created for the issue and one of our agents will get back to you soon via email. Appreciate your patience and have a nice day!

  • Good Evening,  I have a Windows 10 computer but i keep receiving an error stating that it cannot reach the page.  Is there something else I should do or another link?

    Thank you



  • My apologies I have a Windows 11 computer.

  • Hello Chisa Clark
    Thanks for the feedback. A ticket has been created regarding this inquiry.
    Our support team will get back to you via email. Appreciate your support and suggestion.

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