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With laser engraving:

#1  The laser engraving pattern is not clear


Possible reason 1: Inaccurate focus.

Solution: Place your material under the laser head, lower the support bar loosen the rotating screw, the support bar will touch the material, prop up the support bar tighten it manually, and fix the screw.

Possible reason 2: Low definition picture.

Solution: Replace the image with a higher definition one for engraving.

Possible reason 3: Engraving density is too low.

Solution: Increase the Density value before processing.


Possible reason 4: Speed value too high.

Solution: Reduce the engraving speed appropriately.


Possible reason 5: Material problems, some materials are easy to melt or burn when heated, resulting in engraving being easy to paste off, such as PU film, A4 paper, etc.
Solution: Reduce the engraving power or increase the engraving speed, such as still will paste off, it is recommended to replace the engraving material.

Possible reason 6: Power problems, too much power will make the engraving edge seriously black, and too little power will be a lot of pattern details can not be presented, making it look like a poor engraving effect.
Solution: Adjust the laser power according to the actual situation.


#2  The engraving appears to lose steps and the graphics are displaced


Possible reason 1: Loosening of the Y-axis belt.


Adjust the Tightness of the Timing Belts [Video]

(1) Loosen screw 1, then turn screw 2 to set the tightness.

(2) Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the belt and counterclockwise to loosen the belt.

(3) Make sure that the timing belt is installed on the left and right plates with the same tightness.

(4) After setting the tightness, tighten screw 1.


Note: If you find that the Y-axis belt can't be pulled tight no matter what, it is possible that the timing pulley on the left side of the Y-axis motor is out of line, please loosen the Y-axis belt, install the slide bar in place, and then tighten the Y-axis belt.


Possible reason 2: The X-axis belt has loosened.

Solution: X-axis belt

(1) Loosen screw 1.

(2) Turn screw 2 clockwise to tighten the belt and counterclockwise to loosen the belt.

(3) After setting the tightness, tighten screw 1.


Possible reason 3: X-axis guide dry without lubrication, dirty, rusty (common in the case of long use without maintenance).

Solution: You can use the grease that comes in the package to apply it.


#3  Engraving laser power is normal, but there is no trace produced

Possible reason 1: The material is hard to process on, such as pure metal surfaces.

Solution: Engraving using metal with an oxide coating or a lacquer coating.

Possible reason 2: The material is difficult to absorb laser energy, such as transparent acrylic, transparent glass, and other transparent materials.

Solution: Spraying a layer of water-soluble paint on the surface of the material or using xTool's official laser color paper material before engraving, can increase the absorption of laser energy by transparent materials. If still unable to engrave, it is recommended to replace the material.

Possible reason 3: Engraving is performed using the rotary attachment, but the drawing is placed outside the engraving area.

Solution: Move the red cross to the highest point of the cylindrical material and place the engraved pattern all the way to the right of the red cross.


Reason 4: The power set by the software is too low.

Solution: Use the material recommended parameters or manually turn up the power for testing.


#4  The machine stops in the middle of engraving

Reason 1: USB connection engraving, which is an incidental event.

Solution: You can replace the new USB cable for testing to rule out instability due to poor contact or other causes.

Note: The new version of Basic V1.2.0 has been optimized.


#5  Machine engraving wave curve


Reason 1: X component problem.

Solution: 1. Check whether the X-axis structure is deformed or bent (optical axis, guideway part)

You can clean the guide rail and apply grease, operation can refer to support station maintenance video connection.

2. If it is deformed and bent can only replace the X-axis components.


#6 Distorted Engraving

  • Possible cause 1: loose X-axis Timing Belt and/ or Y--axis Timing Belt(s);
Solution: Set a proper tightness for the Belts by referring to this video (
  • Possible cause 2: Contaminated/ Rusty X-axis Rail and/ or Y-axis Rail(s).
  • Possible cause 3: firmware& software versions.
Solution: update the firmware and/ or the software to the latest version by referring to How to Upgrade the xTool D1 Firmware and Use xTool Creative Space (XCS) to Operate xTool D1 Pro
  • Possible cause 4: a high Speed value.
Solution: set a lower Speed value, and enlarge the size of the image.
  • Possible cause 5: fill Engraving mode problem.


With laser cutting:

#1  Unable to cut through the material

1. Check and make sure the ends of the laser cable are inserted properly by unplugging and replugging.

2. Make sure to focus the laser every time before processing.


1) Place your material under the laser.

2) Lower the focus rod.

3) Loosen the rotation screw so that the focus rod touches the surface of the material.

4) Prop up the support bar.

5) Hand tighten the set screw.

 3. Make sure the material surface and the surface the material is put on are flat. 

 4. Check and set proper parameter values. Here is a link you may refer to You may increase in a proper way the recommended Power value and/or Pass value, and/or decrease the Speed value.

 5. Replace the laser in case it has reached its longetivity.


#2  Offset in machining path

The cause of the problem and the solution are the same "the engraving has lost steps and the graphics have been displaced".

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