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  • Is the fan of the 20W laser module supposed to turn on as soon as you plug in its power supply even if the machine is not switched on yet?  Mine does that.  The fan turns on when plugged in even if the machine is not switched on yet.

  • Me too... I just upgraded my 10w to 20w and as soon as I plug in the power supply the fan goes on, even if the machine isn't on.


  • I have the same issue. I guess xtools doesn't read or care about reading its comments.

  • Yes, it is a stand alone. It will turn on when plugged in.

  • I am having the same issue here. I feel like it should have come with an on/off switch at the very least.

  • Wait until you hear what I have been going through....


    Dr C David White

    Jan 17, 2023, 09:17 GMT+8 

    Hi Julia,  
    As I told you in a previous email, I purchased my first Laser engraver in December.  It was a X-Tool D1 Pro 10. I loved it but found out that that a 20 Watt had become available. So, I purchased the 20 Watt upgrade infrared module. When I unpacked it, it directed me to update the firmware and something happened and the machine quit operating altogether. It would not operate in the 10 W or the 20 W upgrade. That night I contacted your Amazon and X-Tool. This was a few days after Christmas I contacted them on Thursday, December 29th. (My unit stopped working on the 28th) I was answered on Friday at which time Amazon offered to give me a refund on the first unit. I thought about it but decided that I would text X-Tool give them the opportunity to correct the issue and we could just go on.
    I had bought a service contract for 3 years and Amazon’s policy was twasif it were not fixed in two days, they would refund me the purchase price.  I messaged back and forth but didn’t get any real help. After day four or five, X-Tool got back to me and told me that it may be the motherboard was bad.  Another day or two passed annd they said they might send me motherboard. For the next almost a week I heard nothing.  No tracking number or information to tell me if or when it might anrrive.  I had to do something. I’ve already bought the materials for start up in a small business. 
    So I went online and found a company called Modern Electronica that sold your equipment (Did I mention that I  loved the 10 Watt Version) and I purchased a 20 watt  duel system on Thursday, the 5th of January. 
    After about a week of having not heard from Modern Electronica, (the tracking number still said preparing to ship) I decided to go ahead and purchase another unit which I purchased and it never showed up it was miss directed. I was given the wrong tracking number, and  Ultimately was refunded. 
    In the interim, I found out that the owner of Modern Electronica had had to have emergency surgery and that was what was the reason that they had not gotten back in touch with me for the week. After that week, they finally sent the 20 Watt dual system an and got in touch with me. They sent that system off even though I had asked for it to be canceled both through Modern Electronica and X-Tool. And I purchased another unit 20 Watt dual system. 
    Then I saw your new release video this past week on the 40 Watt blue laser module. While waiting for the fourth machine to come to me I made the decision to go ahead and buy that pre-release module module.
    Now, my real problem has been that I have most of $4000 tied up in equipment that I haven’t even been able see much less use for the last 3 weeks. I just can’t afford such overhead and now some of those items are coming in. The 20 W dual system is due tomorrow by 7 o’clock. Again I haven’t been able to use any of it and all of my materials just sitting. So my plan is to keep the 20 W dual system and cancel any and everything else for the time being.
    I appreciate your concern and your help, but I really must ask that you cancel the order for the 40 Watt blue diode laser module, as soon as you can.
    Thank you and best wishes,
    Dr. C. David White
    Today nearly 3 weeks after my order I finally received the shipment which was supposed to be a dual 20-watt system from the company who didn't get back to me for a week and my shipping after I had paid the $1,800+ dollars for the system.  After waiting all this time and being without a laser to work with ever since. December 28th of last year, what I got was a single 20-watt Blue Diode Setup that will not work.
    I really liked the 10-watt version but after all of the hasle with customer support after the sale I may just have to look at the other options.  It is evident that most of these people just don't care.
    Sent from the iPad Pro of Dr C David White
  • i am having the same problem i bought the 20 watt and it wont let me turn the machine off. cant do any work now 

  • @Ferdinand Santos Yes, it is. The laser module is separately powered from the machine. Sorry for the late reply.

  • @Haunani Borges Sorry for the late reply. It's actually normal since the laser module is separately powered from the machine. No need to worry about it.

  • @John Sarmiento Sorry for the late reply. It's actually normal since the laser module is separately powered from the machine. No need to worry about it. Nevertheless, we have improvements to make.

  • @Thelma Wallace Sorry for the trouble, you may disconnect the power supply for the laser module to turn it off which is the only way at the moment. 

  • @Mike Workman Yes, you are right about that. Thank you for answering.

  • @Kaquila Yes, there are improvements for us to make about this. Thank you for your support and feedback!

  • I have the same issue as everyone else about the 20 W I have mine plugged into one of cords that has a push button, that way I don’t have plug and unplug it.


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