User Manual of the Rotary Attachment 1 (RA1) for M1

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  1. List of items
  2. Meet your Rotary Attachment
  3. Connect Rotary Attachment to xTool M1
  4. Use Rotary Attachment
  5. Switch to flat surface mode or blade cutting mode
  6. Appendix



List of items

Rotary Attachment
Connection cable
Hex key
User guide card


Meet your Rotary Attachment

You can connect xTool M1 to Rotary Attachment to engrave cylindrical materials.
Its components include:
1: Motor
2: Device connection port
3: Adjustable roller
4: Roller stand
5: Slot × 3
6: Fixed roller

Connect Rotary Attachment to xTool M1

1. Before operation, ensure that xTool M1 is powered off. Open the lid, remove screws that fix the baseplate and detach the baseplate from the machine.

2. Use risers to elevate xTool M1. Ensure that the risers are placed on a flat surface to keep the machine steady during operation.

3. Insert the white connector of the connection cable into the connection port of Rotary Attachment.

4. Place Rotary Attachment in the center of the working area with its motor facing the rear plate of xTool M1.

5. Insert the aviation connector into the connection port of xTool M1.

Use Rotary Attachment

1. Use the USB cable to connect xTool M1 to your PC.

2. Power on xTool M1 and connect it to xTool Creative Space.

3. Choose Cylindrical Processing mode.

4. Measure the diameter of the cylindrical material to be engraved and determine the gear as follows.

Diameter (unit: mm)


Steps to set the engraving gear:
(1) Remove the screw of the adjustable roller.
(2) Pull up the stand of the adjustable roller.
(3) Rotate the adjustable roller to the target gear.
(4) Put the stand of the adjustable roller into the target slot and press it into place.
Note: The side with a concave part faces away from the movable roller.
(5) Tighten the removed screw to the target screw hole.

5. Place four risers horizontally or vertically according to the diameter of the cylindrical material.

Diameter (unit: mm)
The way risers should be placed
Note: The way the riser is placed determines how high xTool M1 can be elevated.
To keep the machine steady, ensure that all risers are placed in the same way and all machine feet are well put in the circular depressions of the risers.

6. Place the cylindrical material on Rotary Attachment, move Rotary Attachment to position the highest point of the material right on the red light spot, and then close the lid.

7. On xTool Creative Space, Click Camera, drag the yellow line to the highest point of the material and then click Auto-measure.

8. Import a project file or insert an element.

9. Adjust the image size, place the image closely on the right of the yellow line, and then set the parameters: material, speed, power, and pass.

10. Click Start and then click Send.

11. Press the button to start processing.

12. Take out the material after the operation is complete and the ventilator stops working.


Switch to flat surface mode or blade cutting mode

1. Turn off xTool M1. Disconnect it from the power supply before you remove the connection cables.

2. Remove the connection cable of Rotary Attachment, detach it from xTool M1 and then install the baseplate.

3. Close xTool Creative Space and open it again. Then its processing mode changes automatically.

Or click Switch to set the processing mode.



Annular indicator description

Before operation
Normally on in white
Not connected
Blinking in green
Network setting
Normally on in blue
In operation
Blinking in blue
Performing a task
Breathing in green
Task completed
Breathing in white
Entering the sleep state
Blinking in purple
Firmware updating
Normally on in red
Exceptions occur



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