xTool M1 Manual Focusing Tutorial in Laser Cylindrical Mode

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Focusing principle

  • The focal length of the laser module on xTool M1 is 30mm, which means the laser beams are the most powerful when they are 30mm away from the laser emitter.
  • The laser module can be moved vertically within a range of 35mm.
  • When the laser module is in its initial position (the highest position), the distance between the laser emitter and baseplate is 47mm.
To sum up, the focus can be moved vertically within a range of 35mm (from 16mm above the baseplate to 19mm below the baseplate).
When processing with a baseplate in place, the thickness of the materials can be up to16 mm maximum, which can be measured automatically by xTool M1.
When the baseplate has to be removed while processing thicker or larger materials, you may also have to elevate your xTool M1 with risers, In that case, the auto-measurement may fail, and manual focusing is required.

Manual Focusing Steps:

1. Create a focus ruler with either of the following files:

Note: make sure the size of the image is set as below.

2. When the auto-measurement fails, a window will pop up with the notice below. And you may click Manual-measure and proceed. You may move the laser module manually since the motors are unlocked now.


3. Move the laser module above the material. Attach the ruler to the laser and place it vertically on the material. Ensure the top of the laser module is within the scale of the ruler, or you may need to rise the M1 for that purpose.
4. Take down the reading that the top of the laser module reaches on the ruler and input it in the XCS window and click Complete to finish.

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  • When the machine is turned off you can move the lazer freely in the box.


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