Configure LightBurn Software for xTool D1

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Please click the following link to download the configure file for Lightburn.


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  • how do i install lightburn?


  • They are a separate company. Look them up and go to their website and read up on that. You don't have any need to "download the configure file for Lightburn" until you complete that.

    The good news is they let you try the software out without paying anything. 

    The 'bad' news is that LightBurn is a generic software, made to work with a wide range of brands and types of lasers. That is why the  xtool_D1 configuration file is needed. (The LightBurn software needs some info to configure it to any and every machine that wants to work with Lightburn software.)

    Also under the heading of "bad news" is that LightBurn software enables a LOT of controlling and designing and has MANY options. Which is good, but the bad part is you must invest a LOT of time learning about it. The good news is that many laserists have YouTube videos that guide us through the process....but it is time consuming. Very time consuming. 


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