Precautions when using xTool D1 LightBurn

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1. Setup 

The processing preview (viewing the processing time estimate) function is not working properly. This is because our firmware does not support the LightBurn "read from controller" function for setting parameters.

Menu bar: Edit-Device settings-Additional Settings2.png

The configuration file we provided contains the GCode to turn off the IR so that the D1 automatically turns off the IR when processing. If the you does not use the configuration file, IR cannot be turned off automatically and needs to be set separately. If IR is always on, you can check the GCode setting screen for this line of code.

Menu bar: Edit-Device settings-Additional Settings

Code:M106 S03.png

When D1 is on and LightBurn is connected to D1, the serial connection is cancelled within the software and the device cannot be reconnected again. Device reboot solves it. Genuine software does not have this problem. Advise users to use LightBurn genuine software4.png

The current position must be used to use the rotation attachment, the coordinate system is not available (it will be misaligned). Ending the use of the rotation attachment requires the operation to return to the origin once5.png

When you set cutting parameters, if you use "fill", "fill + line" mode, you need to open the "overscan" function



Turn off the "overscan" effect (edge burn)                                       Turn on the "overscan" effect

7.jpg                              8.jpg


2. LightBurn software issues

Vector image import exception, belongs to LightBurn itself bug9.png

3. Structural issues

The connecting wire is stuck just between the x-axis assembly and the backstop assembly, causing the device to pinch the connecting wire each time it returns to the home point. The thicker connecting wire causes a deviation in the home position each time1.png



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