User Manual of the Rotary Attachment 1 (RA1) for D1

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Part 1:List of items

The pack of the rotary attachment comes with the following items:

Part 2:Meeting the rotary attachment

The rotary attachment is placed inside of the xTool D1 to support the cylindrical objects to be engraved. It consists of the following parts:

Part 3:Installing the rotary attachment on D1

1. Fit spacer blocks to the supports of xTool D1.

To use the rotary attachment, you need to fit spacer blocks to the supports of xTool D1. Use the spacer blocks supplied by Makeblock. Fit the spacer blocks as follows:
(1) Remove the rubber ring from each support.
(2) Fit the rubber ring to each spacer block.
(3) Fit the spacer blocks to the supports of xTool D1.
If one spacer block is not high enough to engrave an object, you can add a second one, and so on.

2. Set the position of the adjustable roller on the rotary attachment and connect it to xTool D1. Use the engraving of a stainless-steel cup as an example.

For details about how to set the position of the adjustable roller, see Part 4 of this user guide. Connect the rotary attachment to xTool D1, as shown in the following figures.
The pack provides 2 connection cables. For xTool D1, use the connection cable shown in the following figure. The other cable is used to connect the rotary attachment to another device.

3. Place the rotary attachment in the middle of the working area of xTool D1



  • The relative position of the rotary attachment and the key should be consistent with the picture
  • Ensure that you have placed the rotary attachment parallel to the working area of xTool D1. Otherwise, the pattern to be engraved on the object may be deformed.

4. Focus the laser head.

(1) Set the laser head to the proper height by using the ranging rod, and then move the laser head over the object to be engraved.
(2) Move the laser head again to position the center of the cross-shaped light beams at the start point to be engraved.

5. Switch on xTool D1 and connect it to XCS. Select "Laser cylindrical" mode.



6. Select "Roller" Mode. 


Note: RA1 provides a Roller module only.


7. Import a project file or insert or draw a pattern.


8. Set parameters, and click on "Start"


9. Set a Starting point.


10. Click on "Framing" to preview the engraving size.


11. Click on "Start".


12. Engraving completed.


If the surface of the engraved cylinder is very smooth, such as glass, you can put a strip of masking tape (easy-to-tear, grainy stickers) around the top and bottom of the cylinder to prevent it from slipping and misaligning while being rotated.

Part 4:Setting the position of the adjustable roller on the rotary attachment

Set the engraving position. For example, you can take the following steps to change the position of the adjustable roller from 2 to 1: 
(1) Remove the screw from the adjustable roller.
(2) Pull up the support of the adjustable roller. Rotate the adjustable roller to the target position.
(3) Put the support of the adjustable roller into the corresponding slot and press it into place. The side with a concave part faces away from the adjustable roller.
(4) Tighten the removed screw to fix the support of the adjustable roller in the target position.

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