Large Errors in Auto-Measure

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There are large errors in auto-measure results in XCS. Generally, the error value is less than 1mm when the thickness of basswood is 3mm in laser flag mode.

#1 Check the Material and the Baseplate

  1. Make sure the surface of the processing material is even.
  2. Make sure the baseplate is placed on an even ground.

#2 Check Material Transparency

If you measure transparent or mirrored material, an error is more likely to occur.
  1. In laser flat mode, measure the thickness of the processing material with a dial caliper or put a piece of white paper above the processing material.
  2. In laser cylindrical mode or open plane mode, you can choose to focus the laser module manually.
Tutorial for manual focusing.

#3 Check the Calibration Files

Please calibrate the auto-measure function according to the link.

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