XCS Prompts “Sending File Failed”

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When you click "Framing" or "Start" on XCS, the software will prompt the error message "Sending file failed. Please try again later"

#1 The Device Is Disconnected from XCS

  1. Check if the device is connected to XCS stably.
  2. If not, please connect the machine to XCS again.


#2 The Machine Is Processing

  1. Check the processing indicator on the frame of xTool M1 is blinking blue.
  2. If yes, please try again after it stays blue.

Note: When the indicator is blinking blue, the machine is processing.


#3 The Device Fails to Change Status

  1. Open and close the lid, and try again.
  2. If the issue still persists, please open the lid, and then long press the Start button of xTool M1 for 3 seconds to restore the initial state.
Note: Please do not cancel the operation right after clicking "Framing" or "Start" on XCS, which may lead to the failure above.

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  • I did all these, nothing works, the same file works perfectly fine on my ipad. Ive connected my laptop to the machine both via wifi and usb connection and get the error both times. Why wont xcs work on my laptop?!?!?!?!

  • Shorn1014....   I too...   Have you figured out how to resolve this?

  • Yes! Xtool support was a huge help, they did a zoom call and got it solved.

  • Was it something I could also do or very specific to your machine?

  • Not sure I think they installed a older version and it fixed it so maybe if they send you that file

  • i too was having this issue on my laptop, turns out as soon as i plugged it in the file ran immediately. i solved my own issue. lol



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