XCS Can't Find the Device Through Ethernet Cable (P2)

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Issue Description

After powering the device P2 on and connecting it to the computer with an Ethernet cable, the machine's name can't be found in the device list under the Ethernet option in XCS, as shown below.


#1 Replug the Ethernet Cable

  • Please check the Ethernet connection cable.
  • Ensure that both ends are properly plugged in.

#2 Try a Different Ethernet Cable

This is to rule out that the cable itself is faulty.


#3 Try Another Computer

  • The ethernet port on some computers may not work due to configuration or hardware issues.
  • Try with another computer or docking station that supports Ethernet configuration.

#4 Check the Ethernet Cable Adapter inside the Machine

  1. Take off the left plate of the machine and unplug the inner Ethernet extension cable from the control board.
  2. Connect your Ethernet cable directly to the control board instead.
  3. If it connects successfully, it means the extension cable inside the machine is faulty and needs replacement.
  4. For a video tutorial on removing the casing, please refer to the following article: 

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