Replace the Logo Indicator Board for F1

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This guide shows you how to replace F1's logo indicator board.


Things Needed

A hex key or hex screwdriver

(3/32″ or 2.5mm)


A replacement logo indicator board.




Prep the Machine

1. Start the machine, wait until it's fully powered on and the knob responding.

2. Turn the knob to raise the laser module until it moves to the maximum height.


3. Power off the machine, unplug the power cable, and take off the baseplate.

4. Lie down the machine with its front side facing up and put on the lens protector


Now the machine is in the right status and position for further operation.


Remove the Cover

1. Remove the four screws at the bottom of the laser module with the hex key.


2. Raise the machine, lower the shield, grasp the handle and pull the metal cover up.


3. Reverse the metal cover and find the logo indicator board. Unplug the cable.


Now the metal cover is completely severed from the machine.


Replace the Indicator Board

1. After unplugging the cable, remove the two screws one the boad.

2. Replace the board with the new one and install the screws back on.



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