P2 Won’t Cut Through the Material

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P2 won't fully and effectively cut through the material as expected.



#1 Calibrate the Laser Path


#2 Check the Processing Parameters

  • For official materials, you can choose recommended processing parameters for cutting.
  • For the unofficial ones, you can get the ideal parameters by the material test array with XCS 1.4 version or later.

#3 Check the Material Distance/Thickness Value


#4 Check the Reflector and the Focal Lens for Stains


#5 Check the Power of the Laser Tube

  • The power of the CO2 laser tube degrades over time.
  • You can try the following methods to improve the performance of the cutting process: increase the power, lower the speed, and increase the processing pass.
  • If the power dropped drastically, please replace the laser tube.

#6 Set a Higher Airflow Value

  • Please go to Settings to adjust the Airflow of the air pump to 100% in Cut mode.



#7 Check the Focal Lens Installation


#8 Use Compatible Material

  • Some materials are not supported to cut with xTool P2, such as glass, ceramics, metal, concrete, etc.

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