Troubleshooting Poor Engraving Results for xTool P2

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When this issue occurs, you may find the engraving performance of P2 is not as expected: the pattern appears blurry, and the engraving outcome is excessively darkening or too shallow to be identified.


#1 Calibrate the Laser Path


#2 Check the Processing Parameters

  • For official materials, you can choose recommended processing parameters for cutting.
  • For the unofficial ones, you can get the ideal parameters by the material test array with XCS 1.4 version or later.

#3 Check the Material Distance/Thickness Value

  • Check if the material thickness or distance with the corresponding mode in XCS is the same as the actual value.

#4 Set a Higher Sharpness Value

  • Please enhance the sharpness of the bitmap images in XCS as shown below or try engraving with a higher-resolution image.

#5 Set a Lower Airflow Value

  • Please go to Settings to reduce the Airflow of the air pump in Engrave mode, such as lowering it to 30%.

#6 Check the Focal Lens


#7 Check the Material

  • Texture-dense materials can be harder to engrave by laser.
  • To get better results, set a higher processing power or use less dense materials.

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