Troubleshoot X-Axis Homing Failure for xTool P2

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Issue Description

When this issue occurs, the laser head won't go back to the home position properly. You may see the laser head keeps crashing into the structure of the machine or simply won't work. If the machine is connected with XCS in the meantime, you may see a pop-up notification like below.


#1 Check the X-Axis Limit Sensor

  1. Please make sure to connect P2 through USB;
  2. Open your browser and input this in the address bar and hit enter to unlock X-axis and Y-axis motors:
  3. Remove the magnetic cover of the laser head.
  4. Move the laser head left and right manually and observe whether the indicator of the Z-axis homing signal changes.
  5. If the indicator does not change, it means the Z-axis adapter board is faulty. Please replace the Z-axis adapter board.

#2 Check the Limit Spacer and Sensor Probes

  1. When this issue occurs, the laser head will repeatedly hit the left frame of the machine for about ten seconds. The X-axis homing signal indicator will not light up.
  2. Please remove the magnetic cover of the laser head.
  3. Check the limit spacer and sensor probes for deformation.
  4. If so, please straighten them and pull the laser head manually to verify whether the limit spacer could get into the probes.

#3 Check the Z-Axis Adapter Cables

  1. Remove the magnetic cover of the laser head.
  2. Check the 6-pin cable as shown below for looseness and try to re-plug the cable.

#4 Check the Cable or the Motor

  1. Restart P2 and connect it through USB.
  2. Open your browser and input the provided links in the address bar and hit enter to observe if you can effectively control the movement of the laser head.
  3. If the browser returns "OK" but you are unable to control the laser head, please unplug and reconnect the X-axis motor cable as shown below, then repeat the above steps for testing.
  4. If the issue persists, the cable of the motor or the motor itself might be faulty and should be replaced.

#5 Check the Cables of the Z-Axis Adapter Board

  1. Please check the cables in the drag chain for breakage.
  2. If you have a multimeter, please follow the step in the tutorial video to remove the casing of P2, and check the electric connectivity of each wire of the 6-pin cable as shown below.
  1. If the cable is broken or damaged, please contact the after-sales team for cable parts and follow the link below to have the cable replaced.

If None of the Above Works

If you have followed the instructions above and the issue is still not resolved, please read the article in the link below, collect the troubleshooting steps you have taken, and contact xTool tech support for further advice.

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