F1 Stops Mid-Job Due to “Device Moved”

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When you do a laser-burning project with F1, you may find it stops working in the middle of the job for no particular reason. You may also see a pop-up error message in XCS that says: "Device moved". If so, please follow the instructions below to fix it.

Why it Happens

This could be due to the "Stop When Moved" feature, the built-in safety mechanism of F1.
It uses gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect unusual movement during processing like wobbling, tipping, etc. When triggered, it will cease any ongoing laser activity to prevent possible harm to humans or property.


#1 Place the Device on a Flat Surface

When the function is enabled, F1 should be placed on a secured and flat surface.
This will help reduce unwanted movements as much as possible.
Please also have someone around the engraver when it's working.

#2 Disable "Stops when moved" in XCS

If you've checked that your workspace is secured, free of obstructions, and no dangerous materials around.
you may choose to disable this feature as shown below. Make sure there is no risk of accidents and follow the safety precautions. Have someone around to keep it safe.

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