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The measurement value is far from the true thickness of the material.
Note: In laser flag mode, put 3mm basswood on the baseplate, the measurement value should be less than 1mm.

#1 Check the Desktop

Make sure Laserbox is put stably on an even desktop or ground.

#2 Check the Infrared LED

Clean the surface with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
Note: Smoke from laser processing may affect the brightness of the infrared LED.

#3 Check the Honeycomb Panel

Take off the processing residues in the honeycomb panel.

#4 Calibrate the Device

  1. Connect Laserbox to XCS.
  2. Put a 3/10/16mm steel plate on the honeycomb panel in order, and click the corresponding material thickness in XCS.
  1. After the above is complete, Laserbox will have a database, which will help it detect the material thickness.
  2. If you need calibration file, please contact Customer Support.

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