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This article will introduce how to obtain lucky wheel benefits and related FAQs.

How to Get Lucky Wheel Benefits?

Note: This coupon code will expire after 5 days from the day you receive it.

  1. Click the gift sign on, and the lucky wheel will pop up.
  1. Click "TRY YOUR LUCK" after inputting the name and email address.
  1. Email verification
  2. After you have spun the wheel, the system will prompt email verification.
  3. Check your email box, and click "Confirm Subscription".
  4. The interface "Your subscription is confirmed" will pop up.
Note: After you have finished the email verification, it may take a while for you to receive the discount code.
If you can't receive the code, please contact Customer Support and provide them with your email address and the screenshot showing your award for the big spin page.
  1. Reward for checkout


1. Can’t Use the Coupon Code

  • First, you need to create an account to use the coupon code, and this account should be the same as the one with which you have got the discount.
  • The discounts have to meet some conditions before applying them to the order, please check the condition carefully, such as the total order amount and the sepecific machine.
For example, the discount "Extra 9% off on D&M&F machine" can be used for xTool D/M/F machines, but P2 is not included.
  • One discount code can only be applied to one order. Different discounts cannot be supported by stacking offers.
  • If you still have other questions, feel free to contact Customer Service and provide your email address and the discount code.

2. Forget to Use the Coupon Code

If you forget to use the discount after submitting the order, please contact Customer Support and provide them with your order number and the discount code. After confirmation, we will send the refund to your account.

3. Military/Education Discount

For a military discount, please contact, and provide them with the military certificate and we will send the discount code to you.
For an education discount, for American customers, please contact; for other customers, please contact for the discount code.

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