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Issue Description

Click 'Auto-measurement', then XCS prompts "Auto-measure failed" or the measurement is inaccurate.

#1: Check the Lid

Make sure the lid is closed.

#2: Check the Material Thickness

With the baseplate as the datum plane, the auto-measurement range of M1 is as follows:
Laser flat mode: 0-16mm above the baseplate.
Laser cylindrical and open plane mode: 16mm under the baseplate and 19mm above the baseplate.
If the material thickness is beyond the limit, please adjust the material height.

#3 Check the Light

Avoid strong light shining directly on the lid.
Note: The camera may fail to capture the red light spot due to strong light, and the auto-measurement fails.

#4 Check the Material Type

Place a piece of paper on the processing material or manually measure the thickness with a ruler.
Note: Transparent, or reflective material may affect the measurement accuracy.

#5 Check Auto-Measurement Calibration Data

  1. Click the gear icon at the top left corner to export the work log.
  2. Contact Customer Support for further advice.

#6 Check the Distance-Measuring Indicator

  1. Turn M1 upside down and remove the motherboard protective cover with a Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Check if the connection cable end is inserted tightly into the socket.
If yes, please replug the cable to see if the indicator is on.

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