Troubleshoot M1 Error Code Qx21 1

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Issue Description

Error Code QX21 1: Device Fails to Detect the laser module

Connect M1 to XCS, there is a pop-up notification with a Qx21 1 error code, and the device fails to process. It indicates that the device fails to return to detect the laser module.

#1 Check the Laser Module Cable

  1. Check if the cable is loose or damaged by referring to this video.
  2. If the cable is loose, replug the cable and try again.
  3. If the cable is damaged, contact Customer Support for further advice.

image - 2023-07-26T100640.210.png


#2 Check the Laser Module

  1. Connect the device to a Windows computer with the XCS software.
  2. Take off the laser module by referring to this video.
  3. Clean it and put it on the device to see if the device works properly.

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