The Compatibility of the Power Adaptors of xTool D1 Pro

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This article applies to:

D1 and D1 Pro with all laser modules.

When you already have a D1 or D1 Pro, and if you buy a separate laser module kit, you will get an extra power adaptor that may be different in specs.
If you want to check the compatibility of the adaptors, please refer to the specs below:
Machine Specification of the Power Adaptor
D1 Pro 5W 24V2.5A
D1 Pro 10W 24V3.5A
D1 Pro 20W 25V6A
D1 Pro 2W 25V6A
D1 Pro 40W 25V8A
Generally, high-power power adaptors can be applied to low-power laser modules.
For example, the power adaptor of D1 Pro 40W can be applied to D1 Pro 2W, 5W, 10W, and 20W.
However, the power adaptor of D1 Pro 5W can not be applied to D1 Pro 2W, 10W, 2W, and 40W.
Note: The ports of the D1 and D1 Pro motherboards are different, so their power adaptors
aren't interchangeable.
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