Solutions for Aimed-measure and Quick-measure Failure

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Issue Description

You may find that XCS promotes auto-measure failed after clicking the aimed-measure or quick-measure button.
You may also show a notice saying "Exceeded the upper distance limit. Auto-measure failed!"

#1 Check the Material Type

Engraving on transparent, dark, or glass materials may result in substantial measurement errors, leading to measurements surpassing the distance limit and consequently causing the measurement to fail.
Solution: Put a piece of paper on the material before the measurement or measure the distance manually by referring to the link.

#2 Check the Environmental Light Condition

Strong light passing through the lid can interfere with automatic measurements and result in failure.
Solution: Avoid direct exposure of the lid to strong light.

#3 Check the Processing Mode

The range of auto-measure varies under different processing modes. The auto-measure can only be conducted within the range.
Based on the top of the blade, the spatial range for automatic measurements is as follows:
Slats flat: 0~25mm, parameter range from 0~25mm
Laser cylindrical: 0~25mm, parameter range from 0~25mm
Open plane: -50~25mm, parameter range from 0~75mm
Conveyor feeder: -50~25mm, parameter range from 0~75mm
Solution: Please ensure that the processing material is positioned within the automatic measurement range.
You may also focus manually by referring to the guidance here

#4 Check the Camera Position

When the x-axis gantry is skewed, the red spot position for capturing close views will be changed, which will affect the measurement result.


  1. Check if the x-axis gantry is skewed in this guide.
  2. If not, check if the aimed measurement in the blade flat mode has a serious error (larger than 1mm).
  3. If yes, please calibrate it by referring to this guide.

#5 Check the Lid Status

The auto-measure only works when the lid is closed. Please make sure that the lid is closed.

#6 Check if the Red Laser Module Is Faulty

If the laser module is faulty, it will prevent the camera from capturing the displacement of the red point, resulting in failures in auto-measurements.
Solution: Change the laser module.

#7 Check the Camera

In the event of a camera malfunction, it will be unable to capture the displacement of the red point during automatic measurement.

Solution: Change the corresponding camera module.

#8 Check the Compatibility of Software and Firmware

(This step applies to Aimed-Measure failure only.)
Solution: Please download the up-to-date version of XCS to solve the compatibility issue.

If None of the Above Works

If all the above steps cannot solve your issue, please provide the measurement mode that you are using. And send the following information to our support team for further assistance.
  • Work log
  • Product SN
  • Photo or video of the issue

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