F1 Leaves Burn Marks on Material Reverse

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What You See

Burn marks or fume residue on the back side of the cut material.


Why It Happens

This is usually due to a wrong placement or lack of the slat plate during the processing.

  • The slat plate raises the material and creates space beneath to prevent heat from building up.

  • The direction of the slats should be in line with the airflow so heat and fumes can be vented.

If the slat plate is missing, or placed in the wrong direction, burn marks can occur.


How to Fix It

  1. Make sure you use the slat plate for laser cutting.

  2. Place it within the baseplate of the machine.

  3. Have the slats point to the smoke outlet.

f1-刀条板放置-正确.png f1-刀条板放置-错误.png


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