The Laser Module Won't Fire

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Issue Description

Start the machine, no error code shows up in XCS, and the laser head moves in the processing track, but no laser is fired.
When you process material with the machine, sometimes you may find the machine moving as if it is processing with no laser coming out of the module. No error notification appears on XCS.

#1 Low Power Value

Change the power setting and try again.

#2 Check the Air Nozzle

Note: The laser will be fired into the inner wall of the air nozzle if it is crooked.
  1. Remove the air nozzle and try again.
  2. If the laser head emits light normally, please reinstall the air nozzle properly.



#3 Check the Laser Module

1. Use a Windows-based computer with XCS.
2. Follow this tutorial to remove the laser module.
3. Clean the laser head and reinstall it to see if the machine works properly.

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