The Adjacent Lines in the Engraved Rectangle aren't Perpendicular

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Issue Description

If you measure the diagonals of an engraved rectangle, you notice that they are not equal in length. This suggests that the horizontal and vertical lines are not perpendicular to each other.


Possible Cause

  • The X-axis is misaligned and not parallel to the front or rear plate. This may also cause a Y-axis homing failure or a deviated laser path.
  • Follow the steps below to confirm further and see what to do.

How to Confirm the Issue

  1. Please power off P2 and move the gantry towards the front plate until the laser module touches the plate and can not move further.
  2. Move the laser module left and right.
  3. Observe or measure the gap between the laser head and the front plate when it's positioned at the far left and right to check if the gap is the same.
    Note: Do not move the module completely to the far right and make sure to leave some space as shown below.
  • If the gap is the same, it means the x-gantry is parallel to the plate.
  • Otherwise, it means the X-gantry is misaligned, please follow the steps below to solve the problem.
3.png 4.png


Solution One

  1. Remove the screws shown in the photo below and open the internal cover made of metal plate.
  1. Loosen the screws on the coupler shown in the photo below.

  1. Adjust the gantry and move the laser module from the left corner to the right corner.
  2. Make sure that the gap between the laser module and the front plate stays the same.



  1. Keep the gantry stable and fix the screws on the coupler.
  2. Reinstall the internal cover.


Solution Two

  1. Push the X-axis gantry towards the rear plate until it touches it.
  2. Check if the gantry is not aligned on the two ends.
  1. If the gantry is not aligned, you will see one end is closer to the rear plate than the other.
  2. Push the side that is farther away from the plate hard against the plate to make the gantry parallel.

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  • The pictures seem old and outdated but the information provided here helped me troubleshoot my crooked 11x16 inch flags that I was engraving on wood.


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