The Edge of the Cut Material by F1 is Angled

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Issue Description

You may find the cut surface of the material not perpendicular but angled.
This makes the bottom side of the material gets a slightly larger area then that of the top side.
If you are wondering why this happens, please read the guide below to learn more.

Why It Happens

  • F1 is a galvanometer engraver. For this kind of engravers, the closer the laser beam is to the edge of the workpiece, the greater an angle will be of the cut surface.
  • This is because the point of emission of the laser beam is fixed, and a galvanometer is used to deflect the beam to the working surface.
  • As the beam gets closer to the edge, the angle of deflection increases, resulting in a greater bevel angle. This phenomenon is known as the galvanometer engraver's bevel angle effect.


If you are looking for a way to reduce that angle, here are some ways you can try:
  1. Laser cut with a smaller design pattern.
  2. Put the workpiece right under the laser outlet.
  3. Use the slide extension for long or large area material.
These may be helpful but please mind that it may not eliminate the bevel effect 100%.

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