Calibrate the Close-View Camera of xTool P2

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Issue Description

If there is an error of more than 1mm when you use the capture close view function around the center of the working area, please refer to the following steps to troubleshoot.

Solution 1

  1. Change the processing mode to slats flat mode on XCS.
  2. Input the accurate thickness manually.
  3. Test processing and check the dimensional accuracy of the camera.


Solution 2

Things You Will Need

  • A Windows computer
  • A 3mm acrylic board (no smaller than 210mm*297mm)
  • Two pieces of A4 sheet
  • Masking tape

Calibration Steps

  1. Put a piece of paper on the acrylic board and attach the paper with masking tape. Make sure that the paper is smooth.
  1. Put all the slats in position. Make sure they are seated properly, otherwise, the calibration may not be accurate.
  1. Put the acrylic in the center of the processing area and connect the machine to the computer via USB.
  1. Close the cover. Unzip the calibration software and launch Fist Corrcet_GUI.exe.
Click "Connect Camera" in the software.
  1. Click "Process grid points".
  1. After the processing is completed, click "Capture".
  1. Click "Generate Calibration File". The image for the calibration should be as follows.
If it fails, please check if the slats are completely seated in position, and if the paper is smooth.
  1. Open the cover, and remove all the blades. Stick a piece of A4 paper in the center of the processing area with masking tape. Make sure that the paper is smooth.
  1. Click "-40mm Process".
  1. Click "-40mm Capture"
  1. Click "Update Calibration File". The calibration image should be as follows.
  1. Click "Upload calibration file". When you see the pop-up window saying that calibration is completed, click OK.
After finishing all the above operations, you can try processing on XCS and see if the dimensional accuracy has improved.

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