F1 Won't Cut Through Wood Effectively

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What You See

You may see the laser leaves a trail on the wood but doesn't go all the way down.

Or, some segments of the cuttings are perfect while the rest are not.


Why It Happens

Usually, it's caused by a bad focus of the laser or insufficient cutting power.

There are contributing factors including wrong parameters, field lens condition, etc.


What to Do

Pay attention to the following things before you run a cutting job.



#1 Clean the Field Lens

After using the machine for some while, dust or smoke may accumulate on the lens.

Check on the field lens once in a while to make sure it's clean and free of damage.


#2 Adjust the Proc Params

1. Choose blue light as the laser type.

2. Make sure the power is high enough.

3. Make sure the speed is not too fast.



#3 Adjust the Laser Focus

F1 will focus its laser on the surface of the material according to the thickness value.

If the material is too thick, you may want to lower that focus by decreasing the thickness value.

The ideal focus should be at the half-point of the thickness. For example, if the wood is 6mm thick, the thickness value should be 3mm.


Note: the thickness value box will show after the "init" process.


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