F1's IR Engraved Pattern Looks Imperfect at the Top

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What you See

The upper area of the engraved pattern seems to be lighter, darker, or not showing.

This usually happens if you use the IR laser on a bitmap image in a cold environment.


Why it Happens

IR laser needs to heat up to reach the level of power needed before emission.

It's like preheating an oven, cold temperature prolongs that warm-up process.

Cold temperatures could also cause the laser intermittence to be unstable.


What to Do

Preheating the IR laser can effectively improve the outcome.

There are two ways: use the XCS built-in feature or do it manually.


Method 1: Enable the Auto-Preheat

This allows F1 to preheat automatically each time before a job if needed.

When the device is connected to XCS, you can find the toggle in the device setting.



Method 2: Run a Job to Preheat

If you don't like F1 to do it automatically, feel free to do it on your own.

Simply run a bitmap job longer than one minute and then starts the actual job.

1. Connect your device to your computer and launch XCS.

2. Import a bitmap image and scale it to be about half the size of the canvas.


3. At the right panel, set the processing params as below:

  • Bitmap Mode: Jarvis
  • Dot duration: 200μs
  • Power: 100%
  • Leave the rest as is.


4. Put the material on the baseplate.

5. Click on the process button on the Home screen and then the Preview screen.

6. Wait for one minute and cancel the process.


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