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What You See

When you try to use the machine to engrave or cut something, it seems to work but there is no laser coming out. And in some cases, it may sit still and not respond at all.


Why It Happens

This is usually due to a triggered emergency stop, or a locked operation access.

In addition, if the laser path is blocked, say, by the field lens protector, the laser won't come out.


How to Fix It

#1 Reset the Emergency Stop Switch

If the emergency stop is triggered, all functions will cease to work.

  1. Make sure the emergency stop switch is not pressed down.
  2. If yes, please reset the switch by turning it clockwise until it bounces up.


The switch is pressed.


The switch is reset.

#2 Replug the Access Control Key

If the access control key is not inserted properly, it prevents the machine from working.

  1. Check if the access control key is inserted properly. Unplug and replug it.
  2. Check if the access control key or the USB key port is damaged.

Note: You'll see a pop-up error message in XCS if the key is not inserted properly.



#3 Remove the Field Lens Protector

If the protector is on the lens, it will block the laser from coming out.

Make sure the field lens protector is removed prior to lasering.


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