Why the Laserbox can not cut through the official material

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Check and make sure your Laserbox software is up to date before starting the following troubleshooting.
There are two possible causes for this problem:
1: Laser light path offset, which can cause the power of the material to decrease.
For this, you could check referring to the staps below.
Step 1: Cut a square on the left upper corner to see if it could cut through the material.
Step 2: Cut a square on the right upper corner, Then compare these two cutting effects.
Analysis: If the basswood could be cut through on the left side but not on the right side, there must be a light path offset.
Solution: Please refer to the below steps to calibrate the light path :

1. Download the laser launcher tool:


1. The default setting  parameter of the laser launcher tool  is PWM:6    Launch time:1mm (change the language to English)
2. If you could not find the path dot, please increase the power value and the launch time gradually.
PWM increase 10 each time 
Launch time increases 10 each time.
3. If you found the dot too large, please slightly reduce the parameter value.
4. The laser launcher could only run under windows os

2. Video of the whole process. 

3. Setting parameter:


4. The correct position of the light path. It’s okay if the position is slightly off



If you found that no matter you set the parameter, the laser still cannot leave a mark on the tape.
you could try to engrave a square in the upper right corner of the honeycomb board using 6% power. Lift the lid or turn off the machine as soon as the laser leaves a mark on the tape.


2: Contaminated lenses also could cause this condition.
You could refer to the video to clean the lenses.
1. Lenses need to be cleaned regularly,
2. Cleaning lens cycle time depends on the length and frequency of the machine used

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