[For Laserbox Rotary & Laserbox Pro Only] Second-level Calibration & First-level Calibration

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When an image captured by the camera is distorted or an engraving/ cutting turns out not to be in the exact spot where it is supposed to be, we could practice calibration in the following sequence under the condition that the camera is well in its place. So check the camera first.


First, the second-level calibration.
Launch Laserbox software, click Settings>Device, find Position Calibrate and click Correct.
As per the instruction, place an A4-size clean white sheet of paper in the center of the work area on the honeycomb panel. Make sure the panel is clean and flat, and the paper is flat and without wrinkles.
Press the Start Button to begin calibration. This may take some time. Please be patient and do not power off the machine.
Calibration is successful when this notice shows.
You may try a few more times if it is unsuccessful the first time.
If the problem persists. Proceed to the first-level calibration.
Prepare A4-size clean white paper*3, and glue them together on the honeycomb panel, then place the whole sheet both vertically and horizontally in the middle. Make sure the panel is clean and flat, and the paper is flat and without wrinkles. The left & right sides of the whole paper can be inserted into the slot between the panel and the frame.
Launch Laserbox software, connect the device, and click to start a new project. Click Settings>Preferences and make sure to uncheck the Purifier Detection function.
Download and launch Calibration for Laserbox software, click 1. Capture flatfield image>2. send engraving data, then press the Start Button for the machine to start engraving. When the engraving is done, click 3. Capture cross points>4. upload calibration data.
The calibration is successful when the "upload data successful" notice shows. Restart the machine to check for the result.
You may adjust the exposure if necessary and try a few more times if it is unsuccessful the first time.

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  • I downloaded the First Configuration tool, got it up and running, Captured the field fine... but when I click 2. send engraving data ... nothing happens.

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