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Issue Description

The laser tube lights up as usual, but there is no laser coming out from the laser module.


#1 Check the Installation

  • Check all the reflectors for any missing, misaligned, or incorrect installation.
  • The mirror's reflective side should face in the direction of the arrow pointing, and the side with alphanumeric characters will be seen if it is installed correctly.

#2 Recalibrate the Laser Path

Refer to the video tutorial to detect if there is any deviation in the optical laser path and calibrate if it is severely deviated.

#3 Adjust the Laser Power Setting

  1. As the laser tube ages, more power will be needed for the same level of laser activation as before. This is called the minimum power for laser activation.
  2. You can either increase the processing power directly or adjust the device settings to raise the lowest output power so it can reach the minimum power for laser activation.
    If the processing power is lower than the lowest output power, the latter will be used as the processing power.

#4 Check the Focal Lens

Check if the focal lens is missing and reinstall it by referring to the following video tutorial: https://support.xtool.com/hc/en-us/articles/14646053336855-Clean-the-P2-laser-lenses-Video-


#5 Clean the Reflectors and Focal Lens

Check for any residue or severe stains on the surface of the reflectors and focal lens and refer to this video tutorial on cleaning:



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