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What is the processing area of this spreading fitting?
In order to guarantee the processing effect, the speed has been limited to 160mm/s maximum.
How fast can the processing speed be?

The speed has been limited to 160mm/s in order to guarantee the precision of slide extension.

How many materials can the slide extension work on?
Same as F1, the slide extension supports up to 500+ kinds of materials (acrylic/wood board/slate/metal plates, etc).
What is the maximum thickness that the machine can process after the slide extension is equipped?
It can process up to 53mm thick (such as aluminum cans/lipsticks/keyboards/mice, etc.) and up to 6mm thick with the use of clamps.
What is the maximum thickness that the machine can cut after the slide extension is equipped?
Same as F1.
It can cut up to 3mm basswood plywood and 5mm black acrylic, as well as 3mm leather and 3.5mm cardboard.
How to assemble the slide extension?
No need to assemble it! It is ready to use after it arrives!
(Installation and calibration following the XCS guide are needed before use).
How to connect the slide extension with F1?
Connect the slide extension and the machine with the provided Mini-USD cable (No external power supply is needed).

What can I do to hold the objects?

We will have two types of material clamps to hold the object to ensure it is unmoveable.


How many clamps does the slide extension have?

5 clamps. 2 are located inside the slots on the upper and bottom of the extension, and 3 other clamps can move freely on the extension.


Can other series use the slide extension?

The slide extension is designed for F1. It can be applied to the D series with an extension kit. It can also be applied to P2 with the Conveyor Feeder accessory.

How heavy is the slide extension?

The entire package is 3.55kg and the slide extension is 2.6kg.


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