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What are the accessories for F1?
The xTool F1 comes with an L-shaped positioning piece and a triangular prism working penal. It is also compatible with the rotary attachment, the tabletop smoke purifier, and the working area extension.

What accessories will be released later that are compatible with F1?

At present, there are desktop smoke purifiers, RA2 pro, and slide extensions. We will also consider developing related accessories based on user feedback in the near future.

Can I equip F1 with accessories of M and D series?

If you have purchased the RA2 Pro before, you can contact our customer service to purchase the xTool F1 cable for connecting F1.

Can I equip F1 with RA2 pro?



How long is the diameter of the engraving objects for RA2 pro?

RA2 Pro can engrave mugs with a diameter of about 90mm. When using, you can remove the bottom plate and place the handle below, which will have more processing space for you.



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