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Will you launch the purifier for F1?

Yes, we will launch the Desktop Smoke Purifier for F1.


What's the difference between this purifier and the previous one?

Specially designed for indoor use, it is compact and weighs about the same as the xTool F1. It also supports automatic connection with xTool F1. After the machine stops working for a while, the purifier will automatically power off, no need to press additional buttons.

How long can the purifier work?

It depends on the processed material and processing duration. If you engrave the basswood plywood for 7-8 hours continuously, you need to replace the cartridge which can be purchased separately. If you engrave things for a short time, the cartridge can be replaced according to its status. It is recommended to change the cartridge on a regular basis to maintain the lifetime of the purifier.
Does the purifier apply to other products?
It applies to machines with 60mm diameter holes.


Does the Desktop Smoke Purifier apply to the D/M series?
It doesn't. The exhaust pipe of the desktop purifier is different from the D series enclosure and the air inlet of the M series. Customers of the D / M series are suggested to purchase the purifier launched before, which enjoys a longer lifetime for D and M series.


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