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Is F1 the right machine for me?

If you are a DIY fan, a small business owner who needs to process small objects fast, or a store or factory that needs to mark your product, the xTool F1 can be great for the job.


What software do I need for F1?
You can download our proprietary software XCS. Or you can use the third-party software Lightburn.
What are the main features of F1?
The xTool F1 is a portable super-fast laser cutting and engraving machine with dual light sources (2W 1064 nm IR laser + 10W 455 nm blue laser) suitable for both newbies and professionals. It also comes with a protective cover that can be used with a smoke purifier, so you can work indoors without worry.
What are the main specs of F1?
The main specs of F1 are as follows:
Rated Power
455 nm laser (10W) + 1064 nm laser (2W)
Product Size
179 mm * 235 mm * 334 mm
Product Weight
4.6 KG
Working Area
115mm x 115mm
Max. Processing Speed
Laser Spot Size
Diode: 0.08 * 0.06mm
Infrared: 0.03 * 0.03mm
Processing Height


How fast can F1 engrave?

The engraving speed of F1 can reach 4000mm/s, and it can complete a coaster engraving in 57s!
F1 enjoys a maximum engraving speed of 4000mm/s, 57s to finish a coaster engraving!
Compared to: Laserpecker3 Engraving speed: 600mm/s, M4: 12m/s (12000mm/s in framing),D1 pro engraving speed: 400mm/s,M1 engraving speed: 250mm/s,D1 engraving speed:180mm/s

What are dual laser sources for F1?

xTool F1 is the world's first 10W 455nm blue light and 2W 1064nm infrared galvanometer laser machine on the market.


Which two light sources are combined in a dual light source?

xTool F1 is the first laser module with 10W 455nm blue light + 2W 1064nm infrared galvanometer laser on the market.


Do dual laser sources work at the same time or solely?

This machine fires with a diode laser or infrared laser at one time.
How can I transfer the laser?
You may use XCS to transfer the laser.

What is galvanometer?

Dual-galvanometer (shortened as galvo) lasers use two precision mirror galvanometers to direct the beam at any angle within the marking window of the laser. This allows the beam to move very quickly. Galvo is often used in industrial batch processing.

(The two mirrors along the x and y-axis directions deflect a laser beam to any position within the two dimensions, known as the "marking field".)

What are the features of F1 compared with the M/D series?

Advantages of xTool F1:

1. The speed of F1 can reach 4000mm/s. Whereas the speed of D1 pro is 400mm/s, M1 is 250mm/s and D1 is 180mm/s.

2. xTool F1 can engrave a variety of materials without changing laser module.

3.xTool F1 is handheld and portable, and very easy to engrave.


Disadvantages of xTool F1:

1. The processing area of xTool F1 is 11.5*11.5cm.

If you need to process large objects, we recommend you use D1 Pro / M1;

If you are looking for super-fast, handheld, and multi-material engraving without changing heads, it is recommended to buy xTool F1.


What is the advantage of F1 compared with other competitors?

  • xTool F1 supports dual laser light source, it has 2W IR + and 10W diode laser

  • The engraving/cutting speed of xTool F1 is 4000mm/s, superfast among laser machines.

  • The engraving of xTool F1 is finer and more precise, and the engraving accuracy can reach 0.00199mm

  • The processing area of xTool F1 is large: 11.5*11.5cm

  • The cover of xTool F1 can filter blue laser & IR laser.

What is the difference between the principle of Fiber Laser and that of IR Laser?

Both types of equipment share the same working principle. They adopt optical pumping and medium, but the pump light source and medium of the fiber laser are all wrapped in the fiber. Generally, fiber lasers have higher power and higher prices ($2000) than IR laser machines. If it is for personal use, you can choose xTool F1, which includes blue light and IR light sources.

How small is the engraving accuracy?

The engraving accuracy can reach 0.00199mm.


What is the cutting ability of F1?

It can cut 3mm basswood and black acrylic, as well as leather and cardboard.


What materials can F1 engrave?

The xTool F1 can engrave up to 300 types of materials. Its Diode laser can engrave Wood, Leather, Acrylic, Glass (with making paper) / Ceramics / Rubber / Fabric / Slate, etc., and the IR laser can engrave Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum / Aluminum / Iron / Most common metals.


How large is the processing area of F1?

The maximum processing area of xTool F1 is 115*115mm, then its maximum engraving height is 113mm.


How short is the engraving object for F1 after removing the baseplate?

10mm lower from the surface.


Can F1 cut acrylic?

F1 can cut through black acrylic up to 5mm in thickness.


How can F1 position by framing?

Two options. Frame preview/graph outline preview.


Why does a blue preview frame show up?

It is actually a low laser light dot that runs the entire path of the frame at an extremely high speed - 10000mm/s. Because of its extremely high speed, our brains perceive its moving paths as lines and shapes of the preview frame.


How does F1 focus?

We support manual focus and auto focus.


Can I remove the cover of F1?

No. The enclosure can be kept at any height, and you don't need to worry that the sudden drop of the cover will break the processed material. Besides, the enclosure forms an enclosed space, which can prevent the smoke from disseminating into a large area and shield the infrared and blue laser to protect your health as much as possible.

Do you sell the enclosure solely?

We don't sell the enclosure separately. If you like it, you can buy xTool F1. It can shield 455nm blue light and 1064nm infrared light to protect you.
What wavelengths of light can the hood protect against?

200nm-470nm & 800nm-2000nm


Do I need goggles for protection during the process?
If you need double protection, you can buy goggles, but we will launch goggles that shield 1064nm infrared laser & 455nm blue laser.


What's the use of the baseplate?

The holes on the baseplate are used for fixing the retaining frame that enables quick positioning during batch processing, so as to improve processing efficiency. This hole is not cut through so as to protect the desktop from being penetrated by the laser.
In addition, the baseplate can be removed when engraving large materials.

Is the rear hole used to discharge smoke?

Yes, it can connect to a smoke exhaust pipe to exhaust smoke outside or into a smoke purifier.
What accessories does the F1 pack contain?
xTool F1 pack contains xTool F1 machine, a power adapter, a retaining frame, and a smoke exhaust pipe. If you need an RA2 Pro/smoke purifier, you can choose other packs.

How heavy is the product?

The F1 machine weighs 4.6 kg. An adult should be able to easily pick it up.


Does F1 support outdoor power supply?

It supports the 24V 5A DC output power bank.


Will you provide an additional battery for F1?
It's not decided yet. It supports a mobile power supply with 24V 5A DC output.
Does XCS have mobile applications?
XCS application applies to Windows / macOS / iPadOS / iOS / Android. You could download the application from June 2023.


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