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Product Name

xTool F1 slide extension

Product introduction

xTool slide extension is an automatic accessory for F1 to extend the processing area. It can expand the processing area of F1 by nearly 4 times, from 115*115mm to 115*400mm. It also provides 3 types of accessories (2 types of fixing clips & 1 ruler), which can be combined freely to realize the DIY limit.

Target users

xTool F1 users who pursue larger format engraving and processing.

Selling point

1. Expand the engraving area of xTool F1 4 times

The engraving area can be expanded from 115*115mm to 115*400mm by using expansion accessories, which can engrave larger photos and images.
image2.png image3.png image4.jpeg

2. Support multi-object batch engraving each time, with up to 500 kinds of materials

Slide extensions are equipped with xTool F1 2W red light & 10W blue light dual light source, which can engrave more than 500 types of materials and cut through 8mm basswood plywood, and 5mm acrylic.
image5.png image6.png image__5___1_.png

3. Support "absolute positioning", it is easy to locate the engraving position of the object

The slide extensions are equipped with rulers, which enable locating the engraving position in real size combined with XCS coordinate positioning. At the same time, it is equipped with F1 framing process to reconfirm the object carving position.
image__1_.jpeg image__6_.png


4. Fixing clips are equipped to prevent objects from moving, leading to a better engraving effect

Slide extensions include 2 types of fixing clips, which can easily fix thick objects or soft objects for processing.
image__1_.png image__3_.png



Method 1: Easy positioning and fixing of thick objects


Method 2: Large-size material / 6mm thick plywood can be easily clamped

5. Ready to use, comes with a blade base plate for a good cutting effect

Slide extensions do not need to be assembled. It is ready to use after receipt. It is equipped with a blade base plate, enabling the cutting process without tar.
image__8_.png image__9_.png

Product parameters

F1 Slide Extension
Packing size (mm)
Weight (kg)

Product List

Slide extension host
image8.png 1
active ruler
image9.png 1
Fixture 1
image10.png 2
Fixture 2
image11.png 3
Double-ended USB cable

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