Download and Install XCS on an iPad

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Minimum and recommended requirements on iPads


Minimum configuration

Recommended configuration



A12 or later

Operating system

iPadOS 15 or later

(except for iOS15.4.1, at which XCS may have exceptions)


4 GB

6 GB or more


32 GB

64 GB or more

  • With the minimum configurations, all the functions of XCS can be used properly. When you import a complex image, however, XCS may fail to run smoothly.
  • With the recommended configurations, XCS can run more smoothly when you import and edit a complex image, the software delay may be shorter, and the performance is better.

Download and install XCS

(1) Search for "xTool Creative Space" in App Store or Google Play or visit to download and install the app.


(2) Open XCS. On the top-left corner, tap the icon to open the Settings panel and select the language you use.___XCS-2.png

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