Use XCS to Operate the Conveyor Feeder of xTool P2

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💡 You can visit to find the tutorial video.

Download the xTool Creative Space software ( applicable to the operating system that runs on your PC.

  1. Connect xTool P2 to your computer with the USB cable. Open XCS and connect xTool P2 to XCS.


  1. Select the Conveyor feeder processing mode.


  1. ⚠️ Attention: Ensure that all the slats are removed before using the conveyor feeder.




  1. Import the images or create the shapes on the canvas.


For more details about importing or creating elements, you can see XCS function description.

  1. Place the material to be processed in and move the shape to the processing area (red frame) of the conveyor feeder. DO NOT place the shape on the grey area.


💡 Tips:

Click image3333.png > Accessory settings. Enable the button for Convey the material back after processing.

It is recommended that you disable this function when processing large-sized elements in Engrave mode. Otherwise, the dents may occur on the materials by pinch rollers when conveying back.


  1. Measure the thickness of the material.


  1. Set processing parameters for the object to be processed.
  • Score: engraves only the outline of an element


  • Engrave: engraves the fill of an element


  • Cut: cuts the outline of an element


Tab generation: If you cut materials with the conveyor feeder, tabs need to be applied on the object to be cut. It is helpful that the cutting parts do not fall out and interfere with the conveyor feeder. Or the device may work exceptionally.



  • By number: sets the number of tabs to generate tabs
    • Number of tabs: sets the number of tabs of the object to be processed. The range is from 2 to 50. If the outline of the object is long, it is recommended that you apply more tabs to it.
  • By spacing: sets the distance between tabs to generate tabs
    • Tab spacing: the spacing between tabs of the object to be processed. The range is from 10mm to 1000mm.

Tab size: sets the tab size of the object to be processed. The range is from 0.2mm to 1mm.

If the material to be processed is thick and heavy, it is recommended that you adjust the tab size to 1mm.

Tab cut power: sets the tab cut power of the object to be processed. The range is from 0% to 90%.

It is recommended that you set it only when cutting ultra-thick materials.


⚠️ Attention:

  • Generally, there is no need to set the tab cut power. However, if you cut ultra-thick objects, setting matched power helps the cutting objects to be removed easily.
  • Please note that once the tab cut power is set (higher than 0%), the object can't be previewed on the preview page. Therefore, if you need to set the tab cut power, set the number of tabs and tab size first. Preview the object before adjusting the tab cut power and then start processing.


💡 Tips: You can keep the parameters that you often use. Click image__5_.pngSave as a custom setting, set the new setting name, and save it.


You can find your customized parameters in a quick way next time.


  1. Press the Process button.


  1. Preview the position and result of tabs on the preview window.


  1. Press the button on xTool P2 to start processing.




  11. Wait for the processing to complete.

⚠️ Note: After the processing is complete, do not open the lid immediately. Wait for the smoke exhaust to complete. Or you can disable smoke exhaust after processing.


  1. The outline of the object occurs tabs due to setting the tab generation.


   12. This is what you get after the processing.




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