Troubleshooting XCS Error Code Qx06 0 for Laserbox

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Issue Description

Error Code 'Qx06 0': RGB Annular Panel Offline.

The Qx06 0 error code indicates that the RGB annular indicator panel on the right side of the machine is disconnected. If you see a pop-up notification with this error code, please refer to the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

#1 Check the Firmware Version

Connect the machine and check if the firmware is up-to-date (
  • If not, contact customer support for advice.
  • If yes, please move on to the next step.

#2 Check the RGB Board Cable

Refer to this link to remove the top right cover of the machine, replug the RGB cable, and check if the surface of the cable is worn (if yes, replace the cable to see if the issue is solved).

# If None of the Above Works

If you have followed the instructions above and the issue is still not resolved, please read the article in the link below, collect the troubleshooting steps you have taken, and contact xTool tech support for further advice.

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